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October 13, 2010


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Chico, I think he may be qualified to burn the dump buckets, but I'm not sure about a standing latrine. I never thought I'd see a C-I-C as bad as draft dodging Slick Willie. I stand corrected.

pontiff alex

Clueless is, as clueless does...SOP. Jones was obviously not puckering up to O's butt, making O look the fool he is without even trying, and all those shiny things on his uniform confused the "Resident". If Woodward is that blown away, I think there is "some" cause for serious concern. It just re-confirms our worst known fears. L&L.


Too bad Obambi's TelePrompTer couldn't tell him how to pronounce corpsman! Of course, by not knowing how to pronounce that word, Obambi totally gave away that he knows NOTHING about our military. Besides not even being an American citizen, Obambi is totally unqualified to be the Commander in Chief. I wouldn't even want him to be a cook or even a bottle washer around our troops, although I believe he may be qualified to clean out latrines.


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