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October 18, 2010


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to have so much compassion for human kind. Your siiutdpty and lack of class will last for decades. You see yourself as clever and creative, but the only thing you have accomplished is to make Leftists appear to be ignorant, classless, imbeciles who have no human decency. Yes, you have shown the true colors of the Left and accomplished more in two pathetic sentences to condemn you, your party, and the Marxist in the White House, than all of us in a month of dedicated writing. Puff out your chest and be proud, you have reached a defining moment in your life.To the son of the young Marine, who will read this blog entry one day, this entry is strictly for you; there are many old Marines on this thread, all of them felt a personal loss after reading of your father's death and seeing your picture sleeping so peacefully on his shirt. You may want to know, those Marines and many other vets on this blog will have you in their thoughts and prayers, asking that you have a good life with freedom and may you always remember, your father paid the ultimate price for that freedom; for without men like your father, evil would be here to destroy our country and its freedom in a matter of days. It may seem as if there are many who care little for the sacrifice of your father, it's true they look at people like your father as saps who stand on the wall for their country, but it is they who are the flotsam and jetsam of life, they are insignificant and ignorant, their name is Liberal. Never forget, they are the ones who laugh at the sacrifice of others, while they slowly chip away at the country we love, and they are the same ones who will surrender everything to the first invader who waves the Red flag of Marxism. Be strong son, there is a long line of patriots behind you.ReplyWell-loved.

Dave Carver

That's a pretty "stout" patrol. Two machine guns, and a designated marksman/sniper (M-14 w/scope) . . .


Obama: "..we’re hard-wired not to always think clearly when we’re scared.”

The only thing about which most people seem to be scared is two more years of him. Great pic of the Marines. Them guys ain't playing--I've seen that look before.

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