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February 04, 2011


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Christopher M. Clark

Wow what an eye opener

Always On Watch

So, Beck has been audited by IRS four out of four years. Clearly, that is harassment.


Thanks guys... we're all in this together and we have truth on our side.


A great post.
You have condensed my thoughts for many months.
I would like to know why subpoenas haven't been flying from congress towards the corrupt administration that is determined to take our country to it's knees due to onerous regulatory mandates.
Primary, the finger in the face of the Federal Judge in Louisiana.
Contempt of court is rampant.
Levin was on this last night big time.

Welcome to wordpress, I will look forward to reading your posts.


This is an important piece. I'm putting it out on Twitter & will re-post in part with trackbacks tomorrow. I knew about the merger, but not about the NP's & Soros' funding.

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