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March 18, 2011


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Bobby Jones


Ninja R

I have been putting out everything I can to everyone I can about this horseshit. Doesn't matter. People will fear because they want to fear. Most times, it's a choice bred through ignorance. If I can understand this crap, anyone should be able to.

Here's a nice chart I found comparing various radiation doses people receive doing daily mundane tasks:

And I'm currently reading this about how a nuclear reactor can never become a nuclear bomb (wrong type of fuel):!5782349/why-a-nuclear-reactor-will-never-become-a-bomb

People fret and wring their hands over the Chernobyl meltdown and insist it blew up like a nuclear bomb. No. It blew up because it was poorly constructed, and radioactive steam blew the top off. Steam. In other words, a massive pressure bomb, the sort kids like to brag about building by sticking aluminum foil and hydrochloric acid in a sealed container.


Had to read this post twice--I started laughing too much after the "America's Biggest Dumbasses" line. This one was good too:

"..highly educated folks with time on their hands, degrees and crap, who drink chardonnay and whose kids play soccer..."

Soccer's for EU wimps & wannabes. Americans drink whiskey, throw fastballs & dump QBs on their asses.

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