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As CO of Golf 2/4, Jay Vargas entered history...

As CO of Golf 2/4, Jay Vargas entered history...

... between 30 April to 2 May 1968 when he earned the Medal of Honor.

It was my pleasure to play a small part in reuniting my childhood friend, Maj. David carver, far right, with Col. Vargas at the Society gala.

After two or three of Golf's radiomen had been killed or wounded, the CP called on Dave, then a lance-corporal, to join the headquarters group as RTO during the worst of the fight.

Dave, who would leave Vietnam with four Purple Hearts, answered, "I would sir, but I can't move my legs."

Shown left to right are my fellow Marines, LtCol. Don Scanlon, Col. Shiela Scanlon, Col. Vargas, Linda Carver and Maj. Dave Carver.

It touched me greatly to see them embrace for the first time in 40 years and chat for a few minutes.

I am wealthy in the currency of great friends and Dave Carver, fellow jarhead, is one of the best.

For me those few minutes were the best moments of the entire convention.