> 2008 Denver MOH Convention

Bob O'Malley and Barbara
Gary Weitzel
Lynette and Don are interviewed for documentary on our Host City Program
Alanna, Elaine and Mike waiting for the first course
Ben Stein accepts MOH Society award from Col. Bob Howard
Cliff and Tom meet with Sen. and Purple Heart Recipient Bob Dole
Nick Del Calzo and Drew Dix exit stage...
Our friend Nick Del Calzo presents the Society's colors
Col. Bob and Clint
Ben Stein takes the stage
Col. Bob Howard...
My Marine friends with a great Navy Corpsman, Don "Doc" Ballard
Doc with the gals
Doc, Doc and Cliff celebrate something...
As CO of Golf 2/4, Jay Vargas entered history...
Elaine and Mike
Doc and Karen
Cliff and Tom With Sen. Dole
Drew Dix and Doc Ballard pose with Dina Ruiz Eastwood...
Don and Lynette good
Don and Lynette
Doc and Karen
Doc and Joanie
Whn Doc Ballard and Doc Graham get together...
Mikle always gets a pic of him on a cop bike at the convention
Some other ones on the bus.....
George Sakato
Ruby Lucas chats with Bernie Fisher...
The rarely seen Medal of Honor flag
Lynette and Alanna... key members of our Host City Program
Finn arrival
Richard Pittman -- tough as nails
Joanie, Alanna and Doc as observed by McGinty
Don and Lynette on how to stay married
Bobby O'Mallety gets a laugh from Alanna
Bruce Crandall of the Ia Drang
Francis Currey... hero of The Bulge
Currey... always a smile.
Our group of ladies loitering outside the hotel...
Barney Barnum arrives with honor guard
Elaine, Judy and Alanna
Russell Dunham... never say die
Denver '08
Cheer up Tom
On the bus with our gang