> 2008 Denver MOH Convention

Karen, Cliff and Tom
Tibor Rubin
Bobby O'Malley
Wood Williams...
Jay Vargas...
Brian Thacker
Former Societyy president Barney Barnum
Doc Ballard greets a fellow swabby
Harold Fritz takes a break
Rodolfo Hernandez
The indestructible John Finn, with
Harold Fritz signs another
Mikle Fitzmaurice at the autograph session at Rockies game
"Painless Doc" Graham at the ball game
Jeff Schauremann an old friend of mine who joined be in the Rockies Skyboxes for the game
One of the best ball parks in the country... Coors Field
08 MOH Denver
Elaine interviewed for documentary
Bud Day greets Wayne Newton
GA and Ben
I point out
Clint Eastwood and Ben Stein...
Bernie Fisher poses with Cindy